Fat Be Gone!



Have you been working out endlessly without seeing results? Are you tired of the starving and working your butt off with no results? Is cellulite becoming an unwanted constant companion? Have you tried to lose weight and been nothing but frustrated and disappointed?


Exquisite Couture understands and knows full well how you feel. We’ve all been there. This is why our scientists have been developing and perfecting a new workout enhancing gel to address these very issues and more. It’s a game changer if ever there was one!


Fat Be Gone is a CBD fat burning gel that you apply directly to the skin in the areas you’re wanting to focus your fat loss. It’s like a laser beam of fat eradication. By focusing on the fat burning, Fat Be Gone increases sweat production during your workout and in turn you burn more fat in the focused areas.


We didn’t just develop this new workout enhancing gel to burn fat. It has many other benefits through consistent usage during your exercise routines. These benefits come from the power ingredients within the gel. We all know the healing power of CBD oil and its usage for so many ailments, aches, and pains today. Taking CBD oil and combining it with the rejuvenating powers in hemp seed oil, Fat Be Gone is truly a game changer for the workout enhancer market.


Both CBD and hemp seed oil have many known benefits. Let’s look at a few of them and how they play into their inclusion in our Fat Be Gone workout enhancer.


CBD oil and its pain relieving qualities will help you heal. You’re already working out and with our enhancer gel, you’ll be adding even more healing and calming effects above and beyond the endorphins you’ll be pumping into your system.


With hemp seed oil as an active and power ingredient in our workout enhancer gel, the benefits will be surprising. Hemp oil has been proven to improve skin health. And isn’t this something we all want?


The Fat Be Gone workout enhancer gel works to improve your skin’s elasticity. While you’re working out and working up that sweat, the gel increases sweat production and in turn helps tighten up your skin. While also working up this sweat and the hemp seed oil doing its magic, stretch marks and cellulite have been shown to heal and decrease. Now, who doesn’t want to have that unwanted constant companion take a hike? This is why we are so excited to bring you this new workout enhancing gel.


Imagine waking up every morning and looking in the mirror without seeing that pesky cellulite staring back! Did you know that cellulite can contribute to poor body image, which has been linked to anxiety and depression? And working out is supposed to help ease both anxiety and depression, so it’s time to not let that cellulite stop you from feeling your best. Using the Fat Be Gone workout enhancer workout gel regularly before your workouts can help get rid of that cellulite.


No one deserves to feel uncomfortable in their own body. You deserve to have a product that works as hard as you do.


Not only will you lose weight with our enhancer gel, but you’ll be improving your skin’s health each and every time you rub the gel on before your workout. Fat Be Gone has been shown to help with stretch marks too. During your work when you’re pushing yourself and sweating up a storm, shouldn’t you have a product that’s working just as hard? In this case, with Fat Be Gone, it does. It works to tighten your skin, and the more you sweat and burn fat, the harder our enhancer gel works along with you. By helping to tighten your skin while you exercise and work that sweat out, our workout enhancer starts to also improve your skin’s elasticity.


These are some of the many reasons why we love the new Fat Be Gone formula, and why it was so important to include both CBD and hemp seed oil within the workout enhancer gel. We know you’ll love it too!


Are you tired of using other gels or creams without getting the results you want? It’s time to switch up the game with our game changing Fat Be Gone workout enhancer gel.


But don’t just take our word for it, be sure to order your own Fat Be Gone today and experience the benefits of a workout enhancer gel that actually works!

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